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The Global Organization Design Society is a world-wide professional association.  Its purpose:


To support the organising of work in a responsible, fair and healthy manner in which people are well led and free to exercise their capabilities. The Society believes that this requires applying a whole systems framework*, emerging from reflective inquiry, in which levels of work and individual

 capability is the initial paradigm. Growth in awareness is the essential process combined with the development of a trusting relationship.

 The benefits are organisational effectiveness, fulfilled people and organisations designed for value creation, sustainability and social well-being.


Inspired by the work of Wilfred Brown and Elliott Jaques


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Online Professional Development Program

Learn to design and manage effective organizations using an elegant, practical, science-based, trust-inducing approach based on accountability, levels of work complexity and human capability


The program includes a year-long subscription to on-line e-learning modules, videos, and readings. Participants learn from each other and from the Society's Senior Fellows, all experienced senior practitioners, who moderate the on-line forums and teleconferences

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Global Organization Design Society's Book Organization Design, Levels of Work & Human Capability   Requisite Organization Annotated Bibliography 6th Edition


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A 5 minute, animated story map of the things you need to get requisite in order to attract and retain human and financial capital for growth and long term payoff.

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Who We Are

The Global Organization Design Society is a not-for-profit corporation registered in Ontario, Canada to promote the establishment and operation of a world-wide society of business users, consultants and academics interested in science-based management to improve organizational effectiveness for the purposes of:


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