Capitol Power Corporation

"Demerger" - The creation of a new company from EPCOR

Note: This information was produced using AI analysis of the video presentation transcript and has not yet been reviewed and approved by the client or the consultant.

EPCOR made a strategic decision to create a separate company, Capital Power Corporation, for its power generation business. This included a comprehensive organization design and implementation process. This presentation provides a fascinating look at the creation of a separate company.

The Issue:

  • Too many job levels
  • Job titles that were not consistent or clear,
  • Opportunities to be better in a ‘‘hot market’’ at attracting and retaining top talent
  • Not getting optimal performance (e.g., lack of clarity of accountabilities
  • A proliferation of silo mentalities)
  • Lack of expected results from a major process improvement project.


  • Improved vertical alignment of positions (e.g., increase requisite alignment and decrease gaps and compression).
  • Improved functional alignment of positions (e.g., have ‘‘like’’ functions better clustered together).
  • Improved clarity of positions (e.g., improved position descriptions together with education and training in natural work teams).
  • Improved clarity of employee and managerial accountabilities and authorities (e.g., included in position descriptions and supported by education and training).
  • Improved clarity of cross functional accountabilities and authorities (e.g., included in position descriptions and supported by education and training).
  • Improved fit of employees to positions (e.g., develop and implement Talent Pool process and measure fit of employees to positions) to improve current fit and determine future requirements (e.g., talent shortages).
  • Improved level of organization design capability (e.g., transfer of materials, methods and skills).
  • Improved functioning of critical related systems (e.g., Human Resources and Organization Planning and Review).

Project Information:

Industrial sector Types of organization Governance RO Stratum of the organization Number of Employees Labour relations Region Country
Public utilities - electric, gas, water
Electric power generation
3000 Unionized
North America
Types of interventions Specific functions targeted if any Strata in which RO interventions were used Approximate Years of project interventions
2007 to 2010

Link to other project-related information on the site:

Project principals

Profile picture for user peterarnold
Peter Arnold
Senior Vice President Human Resources and Health, Safety and Environment,
Capitol Power
Profile picture for user ronaldgcapelle
Ronald G. Capelle
Capelle Associates Inc.

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