Novus Management System Is A Complete Package

Khevna Shah, the administrative assistant at Novus, praises Novice Nutrition Brands for its comprehensive and motivating management system. He appreciates the clear alignment of goals and responsibilities across all levels, facilitating cross-functional communication and collaboration. Kevin also highlights the company's outstanding facilities, including healthy meal options and flexible fitness classes that accommodate employees' varying schedules, making it easier for them to lead a healthy lifestyle while working. Overall, Kevin is enthusiastic about Novus and its commitment to employee well-being.

Khevna Shah My name is Khevna Shah. I am the administrative assistant for novice nutrition brands here at Novus. I have been with novice for about ten months now. And the thing that I admired about th...

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Khevna Shah My name is Khevna Shah. I am the administrative assistant for novice nutrition brands here at Novus. I have been with novice for about ten months now. And the thing that I admired about the Novice management system is that it is very thorough, it is a complete package and everybody's on the same page from level one to level five to level six. Everybody's on the same page and that really helps to see the vision, that really helps for you to perform and actually contribute to the bigger picture and that really motivates everybody. And that's what I see at Novis. I had another job previously. I am working on my Master's currently and when I was taking a management class recently at school, just looking at the system that they talk about in the books and all the organizations try to implement and they maybe implement a piece here and a piece there, but not the actual plan for success. And that's really what novice management system that I see is. At Novice, I think the key tasks and the general responsibilities and the way they are cascaded from level five onwards really helps you to focus, it really helps you to balance and it really helps you to see what you need from other teams as well in order to accomplish your goals. So that kind of cross functional communication is very helpful because I know what the next person's responsibility is and I'm doing almost the similar in my area. So how we can help each other really and just kind of bouncing ideas and hey, have you tried this, have you tried that? And that's really visible here, so that's really exciting. Otherwise how would I know what the next person is trying to do? I think the facility is phenomenal. The opportunity that the company is giving to its employees to have a healthier lifestyle on your own, it's very difficult for you to go out and grab lunch in such a healthy way. This really helps you to have at least one very healthy fit lunch meal that you know you're doing something good for your body and the company is actually providing that for you. The fitness center and the classes. The thing I love the most is the flexibility. There's a class in the morning, there's a class in the afternoon and there's a class in the evening. So I live about an hour away from work, so my commute in the morning and in the evening is really tough. So for me, I have the ability if I still would like to work out in the afternoon and I don't think you would get that option anywhere else. It's either you try to fit it in your this is what we're providing, you try to fit it in your schedule, but the company is saying, no, this is your schedule, let us provide different timings for you. So I think it just gives everybody be a great opportunity to actually take the healthy lifestyle into their work environment and incorporate both in a way. And a lot of people here actually are very grateful.

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