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Julian Fairfield
Managing Director
Bach Consulting

Unusual among senior RO practitioners, Julian Fairfield, focuses on strategy design and implementation, using his unique set of experiences in creating and refining a set of expansions and innovations in the field.  

Major expansions and innovations:

  • Using his study of human evolution to describe the shock of organizational contracts between strangers after millennia of depending on informal trusting relationships.
  • Expanding RO-based practice to include the informal, softer, human processes along with the formal RO systems - described in his book, Levels of Excellence.
  • Expanding interventions to include a broader set of components using the McKinsey 7-S framework itself subject to levels analysis - again, see Levels of Excellence.
  • Using the holon concept to link Jaque's levels of complexity to known levels in complexity in consciousness and in the physical world from quark to universe.
  • Application of levels to analyzing the evolution of individual organization functions and using that mapping to perform competitive analyses in a sector and in designing competitive strategy by up-lifting key functions.
  • Expanding the domains of RO-based consulting by application of levels theory to analyses of the stages in national development - both in Eritrea and in East Timor

Unique set of experiences that shape his perspective:

  • Six years in manufacturing in the USA in roles at I, II, III, and IV.
  • Four years - Senior consultant with the Boston Consulting Group and McKinsey, both world-class advisors to senior executives.
  • Four years - responsible for implementing RO at CRA, first year working as a McKinsey consultant to Sir Roderick Carnegie, CEO of CRA, and three years as an employee of CRA. .
  • Two years studying management practices in Japan.
  • 30 years as Founder and Managing Director of Bach Consulting in Australia specializing in Organization and Strategy for large corporate and government clients

Shared resources

Understanding systems

Human development

Societal development and survival


National and regional development


Julian is currently working on two major startups, one a revolutionary approach to developing health care in Australia and the other redesigning a natural gas supply chain from Canada to Asia.


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Email:  [email protected]

Telephone:  +61-411-850-303


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